James P. Zeigler, Ph.D.

Principal, J.P. Zeigler LLC

Tychem chemical protective garment - Jim Zeigler - J.P. Zeigler LLCDr. Zeigler retired as a Principal Investigator from DuPont Protection Technologies in February of 2011. 

He provides expert consulting on the development, selection and use of protective clothing for chemical and biological hazards, against weapons of mass destruction and heat stress management. This includes technology utilized in the barrier materials and garments as well as the standards and regulations that apply to chemical and biological protective clothing and their use.

Of his 32 years with DuPont, Jim Zeigler spent the last nineteen working on chemical protective apparel materials.  Located at the DuPont plant in Richmond, Va., he was the senior member of the market support and product development team for Tyvek® and Tychem® protective fabrics and garments.

Dr. Zeigler is the co-inventor of many of DuPont’s chemical protective apparel fabrics, including Tychem® 7500, Tychem® 9400, Tychem® BR, Tychem® LV, Tychem® 10,000, Tychem® TK and most recently, Tychem® ThermoPro. 

Dr. Zeigler earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Muskingum College and received his doctorate in physical organic chemistry from Ohio State University.  Previous assignments at DuPont include research on Dacron® polyester tire yarn and Nomex® aramid fibers process chemistry, development of a corporate-wide R&D computer support facilities and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.

Tychem chemical protective garment - Jim Zeigler - J.P. Zeigler LLCChairman of the chemical protection subcommittee of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee F23 on Protective Clothing and Equipment, Dr. Zeigler has been a member of the National Fire Protective Association (NFPA) Technical Committee for Hazardous Materials Protective Clothing and Equipment since 1992.  He also contributed to the Personal Protective Equipment Committee of the International Safety Equipment Association. 

Dr. Zeigler has written numerous technical papers and articles and is a frequent contributor to leading industry publications.  He has particular expertise in protective apparel technology, industry regulations and standards, and on matters involving weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Zeigler is routinely invited to instruct at the major hazardous materials training conferences.

Tyvek®, Tychem®, and Nomex® and  are DuPont registered trademarks. Dacron® is a registered trademark of Invista.

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